Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Stories

This summer melted far faster then that last stretch of snow.

Our newest family member and first grandchild, Yarona Blue, was born September 18, 2012, on Douglas Island to parents Merrick Ann and her sweetheart Joe Jacobson. She's a spirited delight and, like her parents, proving to be an intrepid traveler. In two months of life this little kiddo has covered vast territory, back and forth across Alaska for oncology appointments. It's a big state!

At present, Yarona is keeping her mamma, poppa and grandma on their toes in Bellingham, Wa.  Her momma's undergoing chemo sessions for Hodgkin Lymphoma, (detected a year after her first treatments). Bellingham is a somewhat easier climate. But, gad... it's wet!

Writing, as always is good medicine for the entire clan. This season, it's best approached in a private manner. I'll share, soon, when I return home to Alaska. Until then.

   It's a family!