Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm interested in those who've found the scar from their open heart surgery, dubbed a chest zipper, to be a new source of tactile pleasure. My husband ended up with quite an extensive dragonfly shaped scar after a quintuple bypass that he is quite conscientous about. Course I think it's beautiful. And we've found it has some pretty sweet tickle attached to it. Win,Win,Win in our waneing years. Hope someday he finds it pretty.

Monday, June 23, 2008

It's been very hot in Bakersfield since I returned from our Alaskan's Take New York City last week. Bako has been charting in @ 100+ since Friday and peaked at 110 on Saturday. Tonight the crickets are pulsing 58 chirps per minute plus 40 equals 98 degrees at eleven o'clock. Smart little buggers. My mother, raised in U.P.Michigan, with an additional ten years in cool, abundantly moist Oregon and another ten as California heat intern in the Sacramento area swore her alligence to Kern county in 1968. Through great discipline she has honed her desert tortoise survival skills. I, on the other hand after 35 years of passionate commitment to Alaska am pressed daily to keep from being a messy puddle on her gold flecked linoleum floors.
Our overnight helper is here to keep post allowing me to explore this urban oasis. I've just returned from an evening stroll in the old neighborhood. Far more pleasant outdoors than in. Fun seeing everyones yard at night. In this quaint 30's era neighborhood each house and yard are so individual. Choices of garden lighting, mostly little solar path lamps are sparingly tucked in and around the mature landscaping lending an other world feel to the evening. Coupled with the all -prevasive chorus of crickets and the gentle pace dictated by the still raidaiting streets and sidewalks I'm mellowed and looking forward to a nights sleep. Me and the open windows and the electric fan. Mom's happily cruising with her stack of Ruth Rendall rereads. I'll talk of New York tommorrow.
P.S. Thanks to Sandy, You're the first to offer a response. Kinda thought my site was unavailable. Was feeling somewhat like I was hollering down a well. A useful exercise to tune your voice but exciting to know some one is reading what I've written. Glad your very large undertakings are feeling managable.