Monday, June 18, 2012

Shapes of Summer

I've been away from writing and I miss it.

In late May the snowshoes were repaired and put away just as a green grandness unfurled. May and June have been quite cool, in the low 40°'s. Not a gardening summer. The Kluane-Chilkat Bike Race last weekend had calls for snow in the Chilkat Pass, twenty miles beyond our place. I tuck in at night with a cozy sweater and socks.

But, that green explosion. Again I value the intelligence of hooves and horizontal movement through a summer rainforest. We wind through reaches that gently open to the herd as we nip and nibble shoulder width paths so inviting that the rest of the forest dwellers share our route; bear, moose, coyote.

This summer, we consist of four Oberhasli goats; Mom, her two teen does and their impressive older, wether-brother. The three young adults all sport full horns, muscled, agile and beautiful! Two middle-aged ewe sheep join us as well, (we have both browsers and grazers.) Both dogs keep aware of our periphery; Mason, the ancient and wise and his lady, Tupher, the new trail boss/apprentice. Each scout ahead. The tail runners are two white and orange kitten boys from the Hay Ranch at Dezdeash. Life is extremely large for those little fellows and they love it!.

We're a well oiled team, a silent presence. We are the watcher in the woods.