Friday, August 15, 2008

POEM BY: Brother Matthew

Oleander Haiku

The morning’s silence,
broken by birds.
Dogs barking.

Breakfast in bed.
Coffee’s not drunk.
Newspaper’s read.

Warmth shines through,
Stained glass curtains.
Fans on high.

Mother to six,
watches her world.
Sidewalk parade.

Pages in books,
second time read.
To clarify.

Her child is here,
helping her day.

Afternoon Sol,
heat of the day.
Nap time.

Evening’s approach.
The calendar turns.
Fiery sunset.

Nighttime descends.
Lunar relief.
Crickets chirp.

Words read by lamp.
Midnight’s sweet hush.

Six children here,
in time of need.

Our turns are next.

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