Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Taking A Wednesday Posistion

Days are short. It's the end of October in the middle portion of the Northern Hemisphere, election year '08. The fall of change has been hard on this nation used to so much, hungry beyond satisfaction.

A fevered ring echos throughout the land. Many people feel it from within pressing out and certainly from beyond pressing in. A sort of frenzied desperation effecting every level of their lives causing them to behave in ways less than how they would if things were different.

When I step outside my door this dark, wet morning, a silenced hush is weighing more heavily than even the mighty hemlock and spruce can bear. Darkness has swallowed all visible detail but for the faint tracing of tree forms. Tremendous drops of snowy tonnage crash from the trees as a one or two degree rise cause the deep accumulation to slip from the branches above.

And all is as it is this perfect morning.


  1. The majestic lands North 55° have truly missed their Lady of the Rivers. Maybe now Sky can stop weeping long enough to shine a rainbow down upon She and Raven's waltz.

  2. I started a blog, not that I very good at keeping one. Check it out....

    I even figured out how to do polls and track those who read my blog. Pretty neato!

  3. And I figured out how to turn off the annoying word verification when someone is commenting on your blog. You know, the one that is not compatible with all browsers, especially Apple's Safari.

    Go to your "Settings" and then choose "Comments". You then want to turn off "Show word verification for comments?"

    You may get some unwanted comment spam. But, everyone else will be able to comment.


  4. what beautiful words, i feel as though i stepped out the same door, lovely. my lifelong dream has been to live in a boxcar in the woods...soon.


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