Monday, June 15, 2009

June's Delight

Sisters entwined in a closeness only they can describe

Joey gets the hand cranked forge warmed up for bar-b-que!

"Dear Lady, it's 48°F today (which means the mosquitoes aren't so bad, a plus). A good day to bake. Your recipes are wonderful Mona. Our middle daughter Merrick, has become a baker extrordinare. Last night, we joined she and her honey out on the Chilkat Peninsula for Rhubarb Pecan pie. A small outside fire and a delightfully corny joke session followed. We took turns passing The Pretty Good Joke Book about. It was a lovely simplistic reprieve. You were there, in my heart."

The gathering assembles at Merrick and Joey's patch of green-ness for her 24th birthday.

Merrick's new potter's shed (complete with a piano!), on axles for easy relocation.

It's a Southeast Alaskan Garden Party!

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