Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Turning Tide Goes Out

My message is written and stoppered in amber glass stout and battered
Now to walk back to the redwoods where I last saw the sea wild
I'll toss it with a might to just the right current and stay
high on the outcrop watching it glint away

Old woman, return now down the well-worn path
Cozy-up in a cabin built by love and wonder till you're frail
what might come of your heart's desire

The wind is mixing with birch smoke
It's sweetness is fluttering across the face of the moon
I can hear the tide low against the shore
Light, careful, foot steps, swishing in the beach grass

My heart jumps and eyes tingle
From Alaskan In The Hinterlands
Illustration, Girl Beside A Stream by Arthur Rackham via Creative Commons


  1. I love your words Ade. I'm going to put these over on blog to share you with my friends!
    Love you sis.

  2. I too love your words Ade. They are so authentic and they are so very much alive. I feel a Raven will mingle with the sweetness of the birch smoke and fly across the moon too.

    I am glad that you are here. Here upon earth. It makes it a better place. You bring goodness to the earth.

  3. Oh dear ... hm, I just left you a comment. Ugh where did it go.

    I love this. It seems to be you. The essence of you. I feel as though a Raven will mingle with the sweet smoke of the birch as it flies across the moon and hails you.

  4. Wonderful writing. I came here from your sister's blog.

  5. Beautiful, emotional, evocative piece.



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