Saturday, February 6, 2010

We've termed it, 'the dwindles', that steady, natural decline of everything you once were. All of it, wrapped carefully in bundles throughout the house, in albums and shoe boxes, tucked away like Easter baskets, waiting to be discovered by whomever is the last to come by.

And here you lie, wondering if all you've held to be right and valid about life is going to see you out the other side. No weeping or regret, all of that tended to with enough time and consideration to be useful to you now.

We've made you as comfortable as we're able, while we sit comfortably near, happy just to be in your presence. And happily, you're enjoying ours.

And Ma, it's snowing ~ like when you were a kid in Calumet; many, many inches. Coming down in bundling drifts. Rooftop and tree crushing drifts. Airport halting, highway clogging drifts.

You never liked snow.

I love it.

Hope Micah made his flight to Viet Nam.

Post Groundhog's Day storm, causing awe and wonder along the Mid-Atlantic.

'Snowmageddon' blankets Mid-Atlantic in heavy snow

Heavyweight slides in burned out Southern California are waking us up too.

California Storm Triggers Mudslides, Flooding

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  1. I've discovered your blogs and really enjoy your writing, and photos.


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