Saturday, September 25, 2010

While Dancing the Racoon!

Drippy, white stuff has pulled the alder and willow over. This afternoon heralds the oncoming locomotive called winter and we're ready... well kind of.
From An Alaskan Returns from the Hinterlands

The woodshed is full, the barn stocked snugly with alfalfa, grain and healthy animals.

The honeyman, at this very moment, is climbing Mt. Whitney with none other than our buddy John Svenson. An awesome undertaking and one that Jeff's been working toward for a couple of years.

Each of the kids are invested in very different paths, taking on adulthood with gusto and determination. Got nothing but admiration for all three and yes, I miss their company. I relish spending time together when we're able. They're fine people.

I'm finding my way towards the next volume. It includes a piano and loom, a bicycle and a camera.

Right now though a huge bowl of rhubarb and some twenty sizable zucchini are grinning at me from the counter. Time to be inventive with the canner and oven.

The woodstove is toasty and this fine little laptop is offering me the opener to the new season of A Prairie Home Companion. I've missed GK's syndicated columns, The Summer Love Tour, (enjoy the webpage) and having the chance to catch the show in person!

But, life feels wide open and the kitchen floor is made for dancing. Damned near as rich as a street dance in St. Paul tonight!

From An Alaskan Returns from the Hinterlands

OOOh, The Too Tight Rag! Perfection ... haw YEAH!


  1. Awe, wonderful Ade! Sounds so satisfying and cozy in your Alaska nest. Wish I were there beside you at the wood stove having mint tea and "shooting the breeze".
    Much love!

  2. Hey Beauty! Well, here you are! How nice.

    Things are cruising along here though still in the waiting game for 'results' for that girl of ours. I'll give a holler when we know something.

    Hope you've bounced back from your run and that all else is well.

    Love you, Sis


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