Monday, October 18, 2010

All Tucked In?

From The Fair Light Review
As the season continues to wane, I'm stirred to ask friends, acquaintances and total strangers:

"So, how'd your summer and autumn roll?"

♨ Did the garden produce what you hoped for? What was particularly successful, (or a total bust?) Any new techniques that you'd care to share?

♨ Did you learn how to harvest or prepare a new subsistence food source that's particularly exciting. How about the fishing and smokehouse efforts this season?

♨ Were you able to attend the Haines Farmer's Market? Did you have a table? Are you planning towards being a part of next season's community garden, produce or handcraft efforts for market or the fair?

♨ What upcoming event would you like to see featured here at The Fair Light Review?

After being away from the Chilkat/Klehini Valley for the majority of two years, I find I just can't get enough. Though living 39 miles up the highway demands minimal trips to town, I may have found a workable solution. With that, The Fair Light Review, (formerly the Alaskan in the Hinterlands), is shifting focus.

If you're interested in sharing what's exciting from your world, I'd love to hear from you. I hope to aim towards a community resource page that promotes local food and farm, cottage industry and wild-crafting. Reviews on upcoming events such as holiday bizarres, art auctions, school, museum, library or theater performances will be featured as well. Personal tall tales are always most encouraged!

I'll be glad to showcase your story and include photos to promote your project or event ~via~ a phone interview, e-mail, (I'm at or an arranged visit.

With the season's remaining fair light, shining towards local terrior, (the taste of a place!), I'm in the book. Lend me your corner of the Chilkat/Klehini Valley to write about.

Hope to hear from you,

Adrian Revenaugh Bochart

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