Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We traveled up to Anchorage last week to pay a visit to old friends and take advantage of the state's positron emission tomography scan for Merrick; a PET Scan.
Happened also to be Fur Rondy, the kick-off celebration of sled dog race season.

It was terribly cold and windy.

The scan showed what we expected and hoped for. The large tumor has been dissolved. Chemo treatment around the world, operating like lounge centers for those fortunate enough to have medical funding, are finding ways to chemically halt the rogue cell production of some cancers.

The way in which people turned out to raise funds for Merrick's treatments still stuns me in the middle of the night. Our community has had many cases of cancer; many who survive and many who don't. We should all be able to have affordable health care and enjoy the love and support of friends and neighbors.

And, the loving support to die well.

I'm watching for signs of spring. Much longer days are making their presence known. Somewhere, beneath the snow, the rhubarb is turning blood red.


  1. Beautiful post, Adrian and BEAUTIFUL news!! Yay!
    Please give that gorgeous daughter of yours an extra hug from her auntie.
    I love you!

  2. Margaret AndrewsMarch 3, 2011 at 1:00 PM

    Great news about Merrick, makes living worthwhile. Still winter here in lower SE with 4 inches of the white stuff last night to join the other stuff that was already on the ground...more forecast! J and J are leaving within the week to return down south...nice to have them so close for a while. We are looking for those signs of spring too. Enjoyed the photos.

  3. Thank you, Melody and Margaret, for reading and the love and cheers for Merrick. Margaret, you know first hand of the dicey juggling act called cancer. I'm so grateful for your continued health and solidly hopeful for our kid. You both are survivor stock. Yes, still winter here too. 10° and blowing! Cozy to look out on! My love to both J & J and all the other A.'s.
    Melody, can't wait to see you and your tribe here come July. Most wonderful!


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