Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring is Weighing In

The wind and cold are biting through everything but wool. Still, promises of warmer days are present in each of the garden starts from little green broccoli snipplets to cabbage, cauliflower, delphinium and phlox. Increased light and that compressed sense of 'gittin it ALL going', multiplies around 4 a.m., minutes after the moon sets below the mountain tops. The waxing energy is intoxicating.

The sheep are ready for spring. Winter was so dry that those with fur are still dealing with itchy skin. The ewes are attempting to rub their abundant coats off before the weather warms. Anything with an edge offers relief; the loft ladder, keyhole stanchions or low hinges on the stall. Following a fresh start for the woolly ones, the arrival of this spring's baby goats will occur. I'm going to be a barn maid this week. If it was a bit warmer, moonbeams through the hayloft window would be enticing.

Instead, it's time to build a fire in the woodstove. I'll watch tonight's sky cozy-ed up in front of the sliding glass door. Join me?

(The cottonwood and willow tops are wearing a greenish-yellow flush. The Fair Light Review couldn't resist donning a similar look. Now, if I could just catch that fragrance, both to wear and share here. I'll keep trying.)

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