Monday, July 11, 2011

Until Then...

Writing requires thought time, which I'm privileged to have a stunning abundance of. In fact, I'm profoundly wealthy when it comes to having time available to shape as I choose. It's a lifestyle choice I made long ago supported by living very simply. Monetarily, there's not a lot of extra grease. The freedom to observe the world around me, reflect upon it and offer back what I learn, is large.
This last season I've found most of the writing I'm doing is 'processing', the soul work that keeps one aware that there's still a lot to learn. Perhaps someday I'll be capable of shaping it into a form that will be useful or entertaining to others. For now, the words and thoughts are piling nicely into spiral-bounds with a number two pencil.
All Things 39 sends out a lot of love and hope for well being to all.


  1. Lovely...wish I had figured out how to do the commenting thing before I lost my first poetically inspired response. So good to hear from you and to know that your writing and introspection are keeping you happy.

  2. Jan,
    Thanks always for your comments and your Poetically Inspired piece wasn't lost. It came through as an email,(I sent a note your way this morning.) I hope you're well and know that I think of you often.


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