Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Autumn Is Comin On!

And, damp! The kind of damp that produces an algae green surface on everything from trees to decks. The tree sitting porcupines take on a kind of moss colored undertone. Cottonwood and poplar leaves turned a garish yellow this week and all thin places in the cloud cover suggest blue sky, just beyond view.
~~~I'm busy making lady slippers~~~
This pair is called Larkspur and were made for my sister Melody Lamb. They are recycled corduroy, ancient fashion fur from Etsy, and our wool, dyed and felted. The leather is from an old brushed-suede coat. I hope they keep her cozy and laughing.
If you have an interest in mocs or muks let me know. You can leave your contact info in a comment or reach me at rilkemaid@gmail.com


  1. Beautiful lady slippers and muk-luk slippers! I am one lucky lady! XOXOXOX

  2. Those are just beautiful. Do you have a pattern for the lining of moccasins? Mine are holey...At least the hide is holding up. Fall is nice even if it is damp. Margaret


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