Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Bootstrap~Kinda Joy

An acrid sweet melancholy drips from the forest this morning, mixing with smoke from my woodstove. Raven is not far off, talking about his relatives and dropping casual references to mine, as though he has the right to gossip and share the personal news of others. I wonder if he blogs? Micah Bochart offers us a teaser film from this summer's puppet show, linked to here. It features Hannah Bochart as vocalist, Melina Shields on squeeze, Tim Hawkin on drums and Nicholas on guitar. Sarah Cohen kreeps out with The Box. I can't wait to see what Micah does with the rest of the footage from the Dream Circus. We'll be seeing him in NYC ten days from now (down the rabbit hole!) I've had the joy of helping with children's 'art explores' at Dalton City's Golden Mouse Art House the last two weeks. Today we are working on creating felt sculpture ~~~ suds, raw wool and untrammeled imagination in excess. I'll bring back images.


  1. Love the footage! Can't wait to see more!

  2. Sweet Sam,
    The Dream Circus is entirely too much fun. Consider joining us next summer.
    Yesterday, with sudsy wool and eighty or so agitating little fingers, the wee ones ended up with wonders of their own creation. When we added a big wooden bead, each small blob became an entity with a personality. I was kept hopping and didn't take time for photos but my heart returned home full of images. Reminded me of our pre-school years at 39 mile. Thanks for reading and commenting, Sam

  3. The video was fun. Sent this on to the rest of the gang so they can enjoy. Have a wonderful trip to the big city and visit with Micah and family. Margaret

  4. Margaret,
    Glad you enjoyed the clip. It's fun to see how Micah's film editing craft has honed and I'm really looking forward to the finished project. I'm also continuously amazed what such highly motivated people accomplish in a given span of time. You're part of such a family. Love your way,
    Slow~as~Stone Woman


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