Friday, December 9, 2011

Writing/ Loving and Edith Pearlman

I've fallen in love. It's been quite a long time, but this is a serious delight. While reading  Orion Sept/Oct '11,  I was introduced to Edith Pearlman. I spent my entire evening tracing her online and grew more excited with each passage. Can't wait to interlibrary loan Binocular Vision, a recent collection of her short stories and then to make orders through The Babbling Book for New Year 2012 gifts.

In addition to Edith, I'm invigorated by Micah Bochart's recent reworking of his novel,
Companions of the Garden. The diligence required to write is nothing short of devotion. I appreciate their passion, one tasty paragraph after another.


  1. What joy to read your words about my words. Thank you! Edith Pearlman

  2. What a delight to find your response. Discovering your work has added an entirely new slant for this winter's reading and writing efforts.


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