Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Hayman

A reliable presence for small farms through out the Chilkat/Klehini Valley has taken leave this week and won't be making his usual round of deliveries.

Merv Armstrong of Haines Junction (more precisely, Dezdeash Lake, YKT.), died Mon. February 7th of a stroke. Merv operated his Hay Ranch at the lake for most of the last thirty years, supplying the region with a sweet mix of natural and Siberian grasses.

Our friends Bob and Margaret Andrews passed along this info for those hoping to pay their tributes. A celebration of Merv Armstrong's life will be on Friday, February 18, from 12 noon to 3p.m. at the Haines Junction Convention Center.

We'll miss the regular 'toot' on your way past, Merv.

Bob also gave me an introduction to JEFF LOWENFELS and his recent gardening articles in The Anchorage Daily News. I'm still such a newbie to the internet that I was thrilled to find such a great resource on Alaskan Gardening, so neatly bundled together. Thanks Mr. and Mrs. A.

So, here's to friends and gardens, and all matters in transition.

(looking down stream on the Dezdeash River ~ from Autumn 2010)

(a low snow year for the little barn and it's occupants)


  1. Nice writeup..Merve would have liked it. He will be missed

  2. Thanks for reading Margaret. Yes, Merv will be missed. This season has claimed a few favorites.

    Love, Ade

  3. I stayed 3 weeks in Merv's ranch in April 2007 and I had a wonderful time with him.
    Merv was the most generously person I've ever met and teached me to appreciate every moment the life offers us.
    He sent me each year a postcard or a brief with pictures, but I just wrote him back twice. I thought I was too busy but the thruth is that I forgot what I learned from Merv.
    I'm really sad because he was a wonderful man, a really really good person.
    With lot of love for Merv,

  4. What a nice tribute, Audrey, though I'm awfully sorry for having to share sad news. With your permission, I'll forward your beautiful note to his friends and family. He was one hell of a nice guy. Wonderful that you have such fond memories of Hay Ranch, Dezdeash and the Hayman himself.

    Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

  5. Thank you to allow me to say goodbye to Merv and to share with his family and friends what he gave to me.



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