Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Spring Classes Begin in Klukwan, Alaska

A variety of very popular art courses are being offered through the University of Alaska, SE. this spring in Klukwan Indian Village.

Last week, Jennie Wheeler instructed classes in high-top moccasins and skin sewing. Jennie comes to us from Yakutat, Ak. She says she always looks forward to teaching in Klukwan, the village where her mother and grandmother were from.

Twelve students, both adolescents and adults, completed beautiful knee-high boots and regular cut moccasins adorned with a variety of fur and leather. No two pair were alike. A number of the younger students met with us mornings before school and late in the evenings. When finished, the kids proudly wore their completed fancy footwear back to their regular classes.
Josie and her mocs.

Excited adults contemplated what their next projects might look like. Some will be offering their work through the Hospitality House ~ The Bentwood Box gift shop.

Carving, basketry and traditional woolen weaving classes will also further the local artists scope of marketable art.

Klukwan Writing with Daniel Henry is underway in the village.
The class is broken into two groups with considerable overlapping focus on both the practical writing skills that one might use with their job or community service position and a twelve week, over arching project designed by individual participants.
The work promises to be challenging while offering a chance to nurture local writers in a group setting.

The other classes and events in the village slated for the upcoming weeks will have a spotlight here at the Fair Light Review so be sure to check back on occasion.

And, as always... I'm interested in knowing what else is cooking in our community. If you'd like a column written about your activity, class or special performance, don't hesitate to contact me. I'm in the book!


  1. I wish I was there to take a class...the work is beautiful. Marge

  2. Margaret,

    You're always in the village. I visited with you and Bob last week in the hall in all the great old class pictures. Miss you guys lots!


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