Thursday, February 10, 2011

Joan Dye Gussow

This morning I've spent time wading through my own archival tsunami that I've intended to pull from someday.
The effort's been brought on by three things. The passing of one full year of being home in the Klehini Valley (after being gone two years to help care for our mom through her passing last February). I'm taking a U of A writing course in Klukwan this spring (always an excellent catalyst to dredge). And, third... I'm a woman of a certain age (be forewarned, I'm looking at creating photo albums with paper, glue and thirty years worth of images next! Every family has it's archivist. Ours moved to NYC!).

From today's inbox, ~via~ Matter Daily Bookstore and Review, I was introduced to Joan Dye Gussow. Gussow's work is published and reviewed here by Chelseagreen Books covering some of my most cherished topics, particularly backyard homesteading. She's an eloquent thinker with dirt beneath her fingernails.

This fine video interview is on the topic of her new book, 'Growing, Older'.
For those of us with "out the highway DSL", start the film, allow it to download while it's on pause, continue to explore elsewhere with another page, then, when you return, drag the slide bar back to begin viewing. Patience is... well, y'know the drill.

She's smart, provocative, and compassionate about becoming real. If you take the time to watch, I'd be interested in hearing what you're thoughts are.

I'm calling Babbling Book Store this afternoon to order, then share.

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