Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy in the Garden

The sweet intimacy of the last month has been superb. Our four Obie-goat kids have learned to cross streams, browse on tiny willow leaves and climb the steep forested hillsides with the adult herd and Mason and I. We have several bowers for resting where the little ones crawl into my lap, (though more than one can no longer fit.) We each get to nibble on the uncurling fiddlehead fern, twisted stalk, and purple shoots of fireweed. Happily, the mosquitoes aren't up and running--yet.

Before I invite the critters to join me, I groom each trail through the deep woods. While sorting broken branches and lightly raking the path I found the wild beauty of Violets, fragile and fleeting, peeking from beneath a shadowy bolder. The cold cloud cover today will keep them hidden and shy but perhaps tomorrow I can capture an image.

Tomorrow we begin milking again. I figure the day after The End of Days is a great time to start such a delight. Jackquie's fresh cheese next week!

Right now I'm inside loving the Spring Planting Show on A Prairie Home Companion, via WNYC FM. We're too far out the highway for our beloved KHNS FM. While the cast is taking time to put their northern gardens in and the repairs to a 1978 Winnebago satellite transmitter are completed, (Summer Love Tour 2011? Let's go!), Garrison Keillor is sharing a high spirited Spring compilation. So, though I'm cleaning the chicken coop this evening, right now I practicing my dance moves in heels.

What can I say? It's spring.

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