Tuesday, May 3, 2011

There's no help for me. Springtime makes me soft.  I yearn for intense warmth in steady abundance and this year, I'm in luck.

The older barn residents and I are taking part in the education of four new- comers, born a week ago. Mama Jackquie, a six year old Oberhasli grandmother, gave birth to two little does and two baby bucks. This week, there's innocence, beauty and a whole lot of laughs springing around on sixteen gangly legs.

Our garden variety sheep offered up a tremendous amount of beautiful fleece, as well. I'm busy carding, dying, and felting small things.

Like I said, there's no help.


  1. So wonderful! I can just hear those little babies bleating and feel the soft fleece your are creating works of art with. Cant wait to meet the new arrivals!

  2. The "Obie's" have such tiny voices, Mel. These shorter, new ones sound more like kittens than goats. Thanks for your generous 'art' compliment. It's far too much fun for one person. Looking forward to your visit, Sis.

  3. Wonderful post. I feel like I'm there. I love your writing.


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