Friday, December 12, 2008

2008 THE LAST FULL MOON <<>> my, what a decade...

At this moment, as another spiral pass, in this cosmic spiral arm is marked, incrementally tick-tocking, by our people/style measurement of time, I'm sitting quietly.

That's at THIS moment.

But..., I've got a formal invitation to dance! That fella called. He's asked me to join him tonight; yup, he wants to see me dance again.

Well, yea though a sizeable length of the North American continent lies between us, I told him I'd be out; thrumming my heels against the hard baked, back yard, urban desert soil.

I'll take up this invitation, in spite of the helicopter night patrol beaming it's protective intrusiveness. I'll flap my wings and suck down LOW to the ground, pumping my goods for us, for us all, until the Raven there, in our snow drenched peaks, and the Mockingbird here within the chain linked green, call: LAST DANCE.

Hey, this girl has a moonlight date, with the one she's always dreamed of. To bad he's out of kissing range.

Well, that's as it is. There's always dream time. And hey, that's not like I'm waiting by the phone.

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