Friday, December 19, 2008

Magnet Leaf Writings/ random hand full fridge poetry For The Dark Eyed Gypsy Twin, sister Merry Lea

Languid recall
takes our moment.
Thousands may love mean, ugly,
red tongue drooling.
The girl of mad language who's
still delirious after a sordid
delicate, juice shake,
lies beneath
her gorgeous and elaborate garden

True diamond,
pink mist of my woman cry
and you speak of a need
to sleep. This could produce a
repulsive blue
Have no will like my
getting his
moan on.

Take a moment's recall
of our languid
You may do,
"she's a mean girl",
and thousands of tongues
trudge skin
colored language.

These want what
frantic produces.

Could Pink Diamond Road drunk,
puppy up us away?


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