Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our Meadow

Sweet Northern Sister from Cordova sent this recently.

"yes, i have truly gone digital.
i -
have started -
a -

i still can't type without looking at the keyboard, but i have my very own piece of the cyberpie, and that's what counts.
to any and all interested,

clickity here

i welcome any tips re: it doesn't work, pictures don't load, you misspelled neccesary, even with spell-check? etc, but if you don't like my writing or subjects in general, keep it to yourself. start your own damn blog. nyah.

hope you're all having a delightful christmas, or whatever jewish, muslim, pagan and/or heathen holiday you celebrate in december. at the very least, happy winter!


Go Girl! We LOVE YOU!

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