Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Remembering John Lennon, Remembering Mark L. Revenaugh /big weather boys

Today,through this offering, in combined honor of brothers John Lennon, and Mark Revenaugh, each stolen from life too soon by twisted forces of a saddened humanity gone hay wire, I give tribute.

And to be melded to my deepest love, the landscape of home and my beloved Alaskan family; two footed, four, and non footed, I'm offering my best wishes and please know I'm there with my metaphysical snow shovel.

I now share with you a snapshot of the incoming weather that my honey man sent this AM, December 9,2008.

YADDAH! Here it comes!!!

Hello Adrian,
I guess that a big one is supposed to hit tonight. They are calling for 3 ft or so for the next 20 hrs. Town was 'a twitter' today and hunkering down for this. Large winds too ......anyway I have attached a picture of it as of 4:30 pm. Hope it turns out for you to see. It's a beauty!

Love you gal,

J. B.

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